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Christoph Lingg


I booked my stay at hotel Gallery in Perm through Ost-West and can only recommend Ost-West as well as the hotel, which is clean, nice and charming!

Jussi Itkonen


We booked excursion to Tsarskoje Selo for 6 people via Ostwest's website. Confirmation came the next day and guide Svetlana met us in hour hotel. She knew everything and we spent information packed 5 hours learning so much about past and also present in St. Petersburg.

Max Ockum


Ich habe meine Transfers vom Flughafen zum Hafen in St.Petersburg und vom Hafen zum Airport in Moskau über Natalia Zolotareva gebucht. Der Kontakt war hervorragend. Die Transfers wurden pünktlich und zu voller Zufriedenheit durchgeführt. Vielen Dank an Natalia und Ihre Fahrer.

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Ethos of the companyprint version

Ethos of the company regarding individual tourism to Russia

Ost-West Kontaktservice specialises in organising tours to Russia and first of all caters to individual tourists. This is because the company strongly believes that individual tourism is a key feature in the process of development of global cultural interdependency. The company is passionate about the opportunity to provide its individual clients with an easy and enjoyable way of learning to recognise and tolerate cultural differences of today's world community.

Here in Ost-West we feel that each citizen of our world is entitled to freedom of movement. This is part of democracy as we see it. The right to move freely is destined to unite quite diverse groups and individuals (such as leisure and businesspeople or students and senior citizens) in the situation when led by different objectives they may need similar services even when such services meant to meet their individual needs.

Modern man is surrounded by the media images of different cultures. The desire to go and physically explore such differences indicates the desire to participate in the process of globalisation. This is global citizenship in action and possibly at its best. Ongoing mutual exchange of academical and cultural values between such participants will have the desired impact on their appreciation towards other values and attitudes.

Your average incoming tour operator might fall short when negociating needs of an individual client or will do so at great expence as such needs might outgrow the boundaries of a standard package. We differ from other companies because we are willing to walk that extra mile in order to make that individual intellectual exchange work.

The company's success lies with the way we organise and run our information services. In Ost-West the information available to individual is a classified bank of details from which such individual is free to create a tour of his own. This process is not dissimilar to ordering a meal a la carte or building from lego. This helps to plan ahead. However, our experience shows that many tourists merely start from booking an accommodation or purchasing an invitation but once in Russia, come to realise that sole desire to communicate with the natives is not enough. They seek further help in interpreting and guiding and the company has no trouble in providing such help thanks largely to its immaculate and orderly system of guided tours, transfers and interpreting services. Not a problem even if the notice is short and order is tall.

Central location of Ost-West offices both in Moscow and in St. Petersburg ensures that tourists in need of help or support and advice have a reliable and well run service near them. A successful individual trip to Russia as far as the company concerned has five key ingredients:

Fully updated and readily available information about services provided, accessible from anywhere in the world

Personal safety of clients and protection of their property

The will of the company to meet it's client's demands however difficult to meet they might seem at first

An availability of help in overcoming any difficulties in communication

The company's confidence in dealing with any other problems an individual might experience

However impressive the above might be, this is not where the company's efficiency stops. The company has a superb IT support team. The IT technologies are evolving and the company is evolving with them to ensure that the process of accessing the information is getting easier to clients and working process of the company rests firmly against the cutting edge of todays technical knowledge.

The clients of the company

An individual visitor is not necesserely a tourist. It might be a somebody guided by reasons other than curiosity and desire to explore. Many people are coming to Russia on business. Whatever the reason might be, the client has to have a clear plan of a journey and fitting to it services.

Ost-West provides such services to any body regardles of their age, sex, religion and nationality as long as they class themselves as individual visitors to the country.

The staff of the company

When appointing a new member of staff the company employs all inclusive equal opportunities policy with no regard to the above member's nationality, sex, age, religion or any other ethnical or physical aspect.

Some of the professional qualities we are expecting from the members of Ost-West team:

  • Care towards the company and its clients
  • Being active and energetic, good team player
  • Appreciation of cultural differences
  • Sound knowledge of at least one foreign language
  • Positive outlook
  • Willingness to work co-operatively with people in order to sort out any possible problem
  • Initiative when required by a particular problem
  • Sound knowledge of ICT
  • Use of every opportunity that might help in professional development

The company's values and attitudes

  • Overcoming language, cultural and geographycal barriers
  • Development of global cultural interdependency
  • Appreciation of needs and interests of every client
  • Care for foreign visitors to Russia

Values and attitudes of the employees

  • To follow the company's ethos
  • To increase number of loyal clients by performing to the highest standard
  • To work as a team
  • To show initiative and ability to solve problems
  • To maintain good relationships with partners and suppliers
  • To work on securing the company's leadership in the travel industry
  • To work on increasing the company's sales
  • To work on decreasing the company's costs
  • To work on raising the standards of the company

The team of Ost-West