News - Celebrate the Great Maslenitsa a la Russe!

07 February, 2008

Celebrate the Great Maslenitsa a la Russe!

Russian Maslenitsa wants everybody to come to its celebration which will start this year on March 3 and will last until March 9.

This is a traditional Orthodox celebration inherited from the pagans and it takes place during the week prior to Lent. The celebration's highlight, the eve of Lent on the 9th of March with its traditional games, folk-dances and of course the Pancake Feast, is also known as “Forgiveness Sunday”. It is common practice to ask forgiveness of those you might have offended during the year. Maslenitsa is celebrated by the locals in many Russian towns. The main event of celebrations this year - the Maslenitsa Festival - is held in the old town of Yaroslavl.

Traditionally by celebrating Maslenitsa Russians wormed themselves up after the long months of winter and greeted the approaching spring. It is a scientific fact that the person who celebrates Maslenitsa without due vigour is setting himself up for another year of misery and gloom. So join the Russians and feel no regrets about the year ahead!

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