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Christoph Lingg


I booked my stay at hotel Gallery in Perm through Ost-West and can only recommend Ost-West as well as the hotel, which is clean, nice and charming!

Jussi Itkonen


We booked excursion to Tsarskoje Selo for 6 people via Ostwest's website. Confirmation came the next day and guide Svetlana met us in hour hotel. She knew everything and we spent information packed 5 hours learning so much about past and also present in St. Petersburg.

Max Ockum


Ich habe meine Transfers vom Flughafen zum Hafen in St.Petersburg und vom Hafen zum Airport in Moskau über Natalia Zolotareva gebucht. Der Kontakt war hervorragend. Die Transfers wurden pünktlich und zu voller Zufriedenheit durchgeführt. Vielen Dank an Natalia und Ihre Fahrer.

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Alphabetprint version

Russian alphabet

1 aha in bara+
2behb in barb 
3vehv in vinev 
4gehg in getg 
5dehd in dod 
6yehye in yete+
7yoyo in yonderyo+
8zhehzh as in pleasurezh 
9zehz in zooz 
10eeee in seei+
11ee kratkoyey in toyy/i/j+
12kahk in kittyk 
13ehll in lambl 
14ehmm in mousem 
15ehnn in nevern 
16oo in poto+
17pehp in potp 
18ehrr in trilledr 
19ehss in sees 
20teht in topt 
21oooo in footu/ou+
22ehff in footf 
23khahch in Loch Nesskh/h 
24tsehts in sitsts 
25chehch in chipch 
26shahsh in showsh 
27 shchahsh+chsch 
28tvyordyi znahkhard ' in f'ew/' 
29 ihard iy/i+
30myakhkyi znahksoft ' in f'ew/' 
31eha in mane/eh+
32youhyou, u in useyu/ju+
33 yahya in yardya+


It's quite impossible to explain how the letter 29 sounds (something like quiet tender cough), and very hard to do this for no-sound letters 28 (like a hiccup after f) and 30 (like a smile after f).

Letter 6 is often used instead of 7 (because 7 is absent even in russian keyboard). In this case we had to remember(!) corect spelling. So, we spell BEC as 'ves', but HEC as 'nyos'.

Transliteration sample :)

Russian phrase:


Khoroshiy u tebya, barin, sunduchok! Chai, v Moskve kupil ego?


What a nice chest you have, sir! Beyond all questions, you bought it in Moscow?

Wrong but literary translation:

What a nice chest you have, lord! It's full of tea, I see... Have you bought this tea in Moscow?

Altavista/Babelfish translation:

Good in you, nobleman, trunk. Tea, in Moscow did purchase it?

PROMT translation

Good at you, the barin, a chest. Tea, in Moscow has bought it?

Some important words

NHow it looksHow it is spelledWhat does it mean
1metrocertainly metro, also the special big M letter that looks like a flying batman is used
2vkhodentrance, entry
3vykhodexit, way out
4vkhoda netno entry, do not enter, no admittance (if you try to get somewhere from the street)
5vykhoda netno exit, do not enter, no admittance (if you try to go out from somewhere; feel the difference with previous item)
6vykhod v gorodexit to the city, way out from metro, railway station
7perekhodpassage, transition from one metro station to another on lines crossing
8na stantsiyuto the station... (name follows)
10kassacashbox, booking-office
11vokzalrailway station
13tualetlavatory, WC
14ehmgentlemen lavatory; remember M=men, especially when attended pictogram was created by professional designer
15zheladies lavatory; looks like a waist
16ehr., roub., roubleiprice in roubles (on a label), if you see only 123.00 or 200.- or 25 it's also in roubles
17ou yehprice in relative units, that may mean USD, EUR or something like 1 y.e. = 32 roubles, because you finally pay in roubles


All other russian words you'll see around, are in english... :)